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ACCRA/Nubuke Foundation

a Gold Host &The Unknown production / photographed by Working Progress. [December 2020]

Sponsor. London School of Economics and Political Science

Press. A.20 Mag "Urban Futures: A Creative Inquiry into Accra's Cityscape through Art" 


David Alabo; Hakeem Adam; Nana Nyahan Tachie-Menson; Theresah Ankomah; Free The Youth


The Visibility of Young Black Women in the Arts; The Role of Art in Accra's Urban Future

Today, more than half the world's inhabitants live in urban environments - a figure expected to grow to 68% by 2050 (UN, 2018). Though patterns of change and challenge underlie expanding cities on our planet, exactly what these urban worlds will - and should - look like, is up for debate Grounded in the growing city of Accra, Ghana, Urban Futures invited engagement with the shaping of our future world. It did this by centering art as a critical tool of expressing things that cannot easily be captured through language - expanding our ability to imagine what's possible. The programme invited artistic responses to this theme, curating them into a multi-media exhibit, alongside panel talks and arts-based workshops with local schools.​

Nyahan Artwork 01_edited.jpg
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