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LONDON/Old Kent Road Arts Club 

[March 2022]

Sponsor.            London School of Economics and Political Science

This set of engagements examined the potential relationships between art and urban futures in London and in particular, at F.A.T. Studio on Old Kent Road - a new community arts space, seeking to engage more local residents in art activities, creative expression and engagement.


The project included two identical workshops: one held with 9-11 year olds from a local primary school and the other held with community leaders, local artists and members of Southwark regeneration team. The workshops were facilitated by Rachel Sale and Anna Schlimm, who worked with LSE students currently enrolled on the Regional and Urban Planning Masters Programme. Working together, they designed an emotional mapping exercise, underpinned by the potentiality of abstract mark-making. 


Filming took place during both workshops and will be edited into a short film, to be shared more widely among our networks. Students at LSE will also help organise an online panel on the ‘radical role of art in shaping urban futures’; sharing the short film on various platforms and co-writing a blog post which reflects on the events.

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